10 Reasons to START THE YEAR WITH A Detox

Photo: Diana Davis Creative

Photo: Diana Davis Creative

Many of us start the year with a detox because we feel guilty about all the Christmas cookies and cabernet we indulged in over the holidays. But when you actually do a detox, weight loss is just the cherry on top. Here are some other reasons to start the New Year off with a good reset:


1.     Set intentions.

What do you want to accomplish this year? Whether it’s a new job, a new home or running a half marathon, setting goals and an action plan will get you there. And if you’re not sure what you want, taking some time to yourself will help you get clarity.

2.     Get organized.

Purge old things and make room new stuff. Clean your sock drawer, get a new calendar, dust behind the couch. It feels good to start the year fresh.

3.     Get back into the routines you love.

Have you fallen out of your healthy habits during the holiday rush? Whether it’s a meditation practice, a spin class or even just having a lemon water in the morning, take the time to reestablish your favorite healthy routines.

4.     Save money.

You might be shocked to find how much money you save when you’re not buying lattes, cocktails and going out for all (or as many) of your meals.

5.     Kick a bad habit.

Smoking, too much coffee, chewing gum, midnight snacking, we all have them—use this time to get over it.

6.     Try something new!

Have you always wanted to check out Reiki, take a pottery class or see a nutritionist (ahem!)? Use your free time and extra pocket money to check a box off your bucket list.

7.     Chill out!

Treat your detox like a staycation and do all the things you never have time for: Go to bed early, sleep in late, take a nap…or a bath, watch a movie, all seven seasons of Game of Thrones, read a damn book.

8.     Clear your foggy brain.

Wake up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day; be more focused and productive at work and at home. Sounds simple, but trust me, it’s magical.

9.     Feel happier and more confident.

Did you know over 95% of our serotonin is in our gut? Taking time to eat healthy over a consistent period of time will make you feel better about yourself. Full stop.

10.  Fit into your jeans again. 

Ok ok, it's in here. A lot of us are motivated by weight loss, and that’s not a bad thing. 


This year, instead of setting broad, unattainable resolutions while we’re at our lowest (tired, hungover, anxious, cranky), let’s take some time to reset and reconnect with ourselves, so we can create tangible goals and muster the motivation needed to pursue them for longer than a few weeks. 

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