Beach season is so close, we can almost taste the Whispering Angel Rosé (at least I can!). Summer Fridays, sun-kissed skin, outdoor sports, ripe strawberries...lots to look forward to, but if your New Year’s resolution to get swimsuit ready by Memorial Day didn’t quite work out as planned, the excitement of summer can sometimes go hand and hand with a side of dread. If you're someone who struggles with their abdominal region, sometimes bloating could be to blame. 

Bloating is caused by a number of factors, like swallowing air, overeating or simply eating foods that cause you to retain excess water or...air. The good news is that by just changing a few of your eating habits you can quickly and easily reduce bloating, making you look and feel a bit lighter. Hey, you never know, maybe an ab will pop out. It’s a lot simpler than it seems and you can actually do it in just one day. Here are some simple tips to get beach ready by the weekend:

Eat potassium rich foods.

This is my favorite tip because it involves eating guacamole. Potassium helps the kidneys get rid of excess salt and the water it’s holding with it. Try incorporating bananas, strawberries, sweet potatoes and avocados into your diet.

Just drink water. Maybe with a lemon.

Stay away from carbonated beverages. Those bubbles end up in your belly.


Stop chewing gum.

Chewing gum leads to swallowing air and causes bloating. Most gums also have sugar alcohols, which can upset your stomach.

xx Mia

Ditch grains.

Grains (even whole grains) and other high-fiber foods can be hard to digest, even if they are part of a healthy, balanced diet. Try going grainless a day or two before you hit the sand. This one kind of sucks, because it means no chips with your guac, but just get a celery stick (or Siete Foods grain free tortilla chips).

Say no to processed foods.

Anything with a wrapper, don’t eat it. Most processed foods—yes, even in the “healthy” aisle—have vegetable oils, excessive salt and sugar alcohols. All of which contribute to that barrier between your abs and the outside world.


But chew everything else.

This cannot be understated: CHEW YOUR FOOD. Chew it until it becomes mush. That could mean up to 30 chews per bite. Digestion starts in your mouth, help a stomach out.