Full disclosure, I’ve never been good at putting on makeup. I‘ve had my moments—there was a weird liquid eyeliner stage and I even once owned lip liner, but thank god neither of those trends lasted long. My makeup bag is small but mighty, and over the past couple of years I’ve managed to switch entirely to clean beauty products (meaning no toxins!).

Unfortunately, many modern and name brand beauty products are full of chemicals and dyes that are not only harmful to our skin, but are also endocrine disruptors that accumulate in our bodies and can be detrimental to our health. Gross. Whether you're already on the clean beauty train or are looking to make the switch, here are a few of my tried and true favorite products that even my more makeup-inclined friends swear by.

1. Ilia Mascara

When Laney from The Moment tells you to get something, you get it! I had tried a few different non-toxic mascaras, they got the job done, but none of them were amazing. Ilia’s Pure Mascara is different—its non-toxic formula of aloe extract and avocado oil nourishes your lashes and is as strong as any on the market.

2. Kosas Lipstick & Cream Blush

Fun, vibrant colors are probably not the first thing that come to mind when you think of a non-toxic lipstick or blush, but Kosas has managed to produce just that. With a variety of bold colors and chic packaging, these lipsticks and cream blushes are great for everyday or a night out.

3. Juice Beauty CC Cream & Concealer

Made with organic ingredients that tout anti-aging benefits, Juice Beauty’s CC Cream (with SPF 30) is perfect for everyday protection and coverage. The concealer—made of pure coconut oil—is great for any imperfections and blemishes.

4. Maya Chia Highlight of the Day

These little bottles of shimmery goodness are great for adding a little glow to a no-fuss makeup routine. I use the “After Hour” shade for a bronzing effect, but they’re all glorious!

5. Cap Beauty The Anointing Oil

When your perfume doubles as a mood booster, you know you’ve found your scent. I bring my roll on bottle with me everywhere because it smells as good as it makes me feel.