Six Healthy Tips for Navigating Party Season

It’s that time of the year again: holiday parties, family dinners and cocktail events dominate your calendar. Just because your schedule demands a few more nights out than you might normally have, doesn’t mean you have to derail your whole healthy eating plan or be a total party pooper.

Before you stress about your seemingly endless schedule of restaurant reservations and cocktail parties, read these tips:

TRY NOT TO SHOW UP STARVING. This is a guaranteed bread basket disaster. If you’re planning to go out for dinner, have a high fat snack, like raw nuts or ½ an avocado, before and make sure to drink a lot of water so you’re not ravaged by the time you arrive. 

THE ONE BITE RULE RARELY WORKS. No one ever had just one chip. Ever. If you’re trying to stay away for the aforementioned bread basket or the fries your friend ordered, just resist. Or…if you want to indulge, add a decent portion to your plate, eat it, enjoy it and be done with it.

DRINK A LITTLE BETTER, AND A LITTLE LESS. When ordering alcoholic beverages, stick with wine or spirits with soda water and lemon/lime or bitters. Opt for premium spirits when you can and savor them, instead of throwing 'em back. 

BYO-HEALTHY FOOD. If you're headed to a friends house for dinner and cocktails, bake a batch of healthy cookies or bring some sort of treat that fits into your lifestyle so you can indulge guilt free. Not sure what to make? Try my favorite Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. No one will know that they are grain and refined sugar free, if you don't tell them. 

CHOOSE YOUR INDULGENCES AND GO FOR IT. If you just love your Mom's yule log, get yourself a piece and eat it. The whole thing. Stop cutting little wedges and going back for more, you probably end up eating more that way and feeling less satisfied. Just eat it.

IF YOU OVERDO IT, MOVE ON. There’s no point in beating yourself up over a dessert spread binge. It happens to the best of us. If you wake up in the morning feeling guilty about the night before, make up for it with a healthy breakfast, some hot lemon water and good workout. Don’t waste time feeling badly about it. 


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