I used to think of flying as an excuse to get junk food. I even had a rule that I could have anything I wanted in the airport, which normally meant popcorn, a glass (or two) of wine, Raisinets and an arsenal of gossip mags. True story.

While I’ve kept the gossip mags (you can’t part with everything), my junk filled journeys have been replaced by a healthier options that gets me to my destination feeling as fresh as possible and not completely jet lagged.

Airplane food sucks. Yes, we all know it tastes bad, but it’s also full of preservatives, salt and sugar. All of which will dehydrate you, deplete nutrients and make you feel worse when you land. If your flight is long enough to have a meal (4+ hours), pack a salad at home or grab something from your favorite café. Try to fill up on greens, healthy fats and some protein to mitigate the immune and energy suppressing effects of flying.

Fasting in-flight works for some people, but then there’s others (hi!) who like to watch movies and munch on something to pass the time. If you’re part of the latter group, here are six snack ideas to consider for your next flight:

1.     Healthy Fats

Try bringing an avocado or raw, unsalted nuts to keep from eating plane peanuts, which are full of processed oils and refined salts. Nut butter packets are also handy and easy to travel with.

2.     Fresh Vegetables

Carrots, celery, cucumbers, green beans, whatever you can pack. Eating veggies mid-flight is a great way to stay hydrated and have something to nibble on.

3.     Protein Bars

A protein bar is a great mid-flight meal replacement or snack. My favorite brands are Bullet Proof and Quest. They're also great to pack for your trip!

4.     Kale Chips

Because you can eat the entire bag, guilt free!   

5.     Dark Chocolate

A good bar of dark chocolate (like Eating Evolved) is a welcome in-flight treat that is full of antioxidants and healthy fats.

6.     Water Bottle

Okok. I know, it’s not a snack, but it’s really important to stay hydrated when you travel. The water cups given to you in-flight are too small, horrible for the environment and not topped up often enough. Bring an empty water bottle and ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you. Game changer.


Last piece of advice: don’t go overboard. Bring enough food to get you through the flight, but try not to load up on too many snacks before you take off. You will eat them all. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Xx Mia