Neighborhood Digest: Melrose Place

What To Do On The Hot Streets Of LA LA Land. 

If the name of this little pocket of West Hollywood, California doesn’t elicit immediate pangs of 90s nostalgia, then you either are super young—no sweat, Google it—or perhaps fortunate enough to live in LA and have dissociated the street with the pop culture reference.

Kimberly and Amanda feuds aside, the 2016 IRL version of Melrose Place is a haven for chic, healthy living. Sparkling clean, green, with lots of succulents, shiny cars and dog-walking Angelinos—it’s the dream. If I could perma perch myself outside Alfred coffee decked in Zimmerman or perhaps live in the Isabel Marant store, I would be pretty stoked.


A stone’s throw away—okay, a 25-minute walk or 4-minute drive—is my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures: The Chateau Marmont. I freaking love this place and their old-school rooms, the canopied courtyard and lush pool area. It’s like a secret castle in the middle of Sunset. 

8221 Sunset Blvd I




Not to sound totally cliché, but this 10-seater back alley cafe seriously has the best kale salad. Like ever. They also have this beyond tasty brown rice risotto made with coconut milk, homemade yogurt and so much more deliciousness.

8428 Melrose Pl I


Just down the road on Melrose Ave, is LA’s first outpost of NYC’s favorite Hip Hop yoga: Y7. As if it weren’t hot enough outside, this “sweat drippin’”, “beat pumpin’” candlelit yoga is sure to connect you with your inner fire.

8270 Melrose Ave I






From fresh local fruits, vegetables and flowers, to artisanal products like bone broth and coconut yogurt, this is THE place for a Sunday stroll. Grab a Matcha Pearl from the newly opened Moon Juice and get yourself some peaches and sweet corn before they are out of season.

Melrose Place I




I’ve always been taught that wines with fancy labels are no good, but apparently this rule doesn't apply to chocolate. Delicious flavors are matched by the most creative, vibrant and fun packaging I've seen. My fav: the California Love—dark chocolate with salted pretzels. It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends!

 8428 Melrose Pl I


xx Mia