Welcome to The RASA Life

Cait Miers Photography / Via Pinterest

Cait Miers Photography / Via Pinterest

Welcome to The RASA Life - a space about things I like: travel, design, fashion, art, fitness and, of course, food. This isn’t a blog about being healthy; this is a place for useful information and some really cool stuff that just so happens to not be bad for you….

We’re all busy. We have demanding careers, active social lives, family, friends, hobbies. We travel. We read trashy magazines. We spend hours watching House of Cards on Netflix. BUT…that doesn’t mean we can’t be good to ourselves, right?!?

Here’s to looking fine, feeling fine and living a healthy life that doesn’t suck: The RASA Life.

Stay tuned, friends…

xx Mia

Pictured here: the beach. Because my favorite vitamin is vitamin sea.