6 Reasons To Do A Summer Cleanse

How A Warm Weather Cleanse Can Actually Be Fun

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Via Pinterest

Yes, I said it: the “C” word and “Fun” in the same sentence. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out – summer doesn’t have to be all about Rosé and blended Margaritas (although, it’s definitely about that too).  But when you’ve had enough Whispering Angel and the tortilla chips are starting to weigh on more than your conscience, maybe it’s time for a quick intermission.

Summer is actually one of my favorite times for a reboot. Here’s why:

1.   Wake up earlier and enjoy the good weather. There’s nothing worse than being hungover and stuck inside on a beautiful day, right?! Use your increased energy to take your daytime activities to the next level – run, hike, swim, surf or just chill in the park and read.

2.   Produce and fresh ingredients are so good this time of year, which makes eating clean that much tastier. Experiment with summer’s bounty and take some time to try out some new recipes (I have tons for you to choose from).

3.     Enjoy a slimmer figure while the weather is still nice. It’s only August, you have a few more months of crop top season.

4.    That healthy glow on your skin looks even better sun kissed. A cleanse will help clear your skin, brighten your eyes and give you that “glow” – yes, it exists!

5.     Be in the best mood ever. Eating healthy, nutritious meals won’t only make you look great, you will also feel great – happier, less irritable, energized. Pair that with a sunny summer’s day, and you’re feeling f***ing amazing.

6.   Fall is going to be busy, relax while you can. Take advantage of summer’s slower pace to rest up for a busy fall and holiday season. You deserve it!

At RASA, when we cleanse we eat. Based on an elimination diet, The RASA Cleanse is a 21-day program that helps you discover the best foods to support your body and lifestyle, while getting rid of toxins and giving yourself a fresh start.  

If that’s not enough to win you over, I’m offering 30% off The RASA Cleanse if you sign up during the month of August. Use the code HELLYEAH at checkout, and save your money for a winter holiday.

Want to learn more? Read about it HERE.

xx Mia

10 Ways To Reduce Inflammation


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via Pinterest

I started seeing a trainer a couple of months ago and the first thing he said to me was: “Your body is inflamed.” I was like: “What, me? No way, I’m a health coach – I eat so healthy. That’s not possible.” Turns out, he was right! My body was inflamed. Gasp!!

Inflammation is actually a good thing. Like when you twist your ankle and it swells or you get a bug bite and it gets all red and puffy…that’s inflammation – your immune system’s way of letting your body know to send help to these areas.

When you consume toxins or are in stressful environments, the same thing that happens to the mosquito bite on your ankle actually happens to your insides. Gross, right? You can’t see this (well, you actually can – more on that in a second), but chronic – or long term – inflammation can lead to a variety of diseases you don’t want: Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis, etc..

Ok, back to the seeing part. Your fat gets inflammation too. So that means it appears bigger than it actually is. It also means there isn’t oxygen flowing to that area, which makes it much harder to lose. Ever had a stubborn area that just wouldn’t slim down? Well…it’s probably inflamed. 


SUGAR – your donut is more like a nonut.

ALCOHOL – upsetting, I know, but alcohol is one of the most inflammatory substances. 

BAD FATS – vegetable oils (canola, soy, sunflower, safflower), margarine, trans fats. This limits most fried foods, especially in restaurants where you don’t know what oil they use.  

PROCESSED FOODS – my rule of thumb is anything with a wrapper. Eat real food.

GLUTEN –  most of the gluten we consume comes from genetically modified wheat, which your body has a hard time digesting.

ASPARTAME – say goodbye to diet sodas! They will still make you look fat. 


Besides not eating the above, I’d recommend incorporating the following into your routine:

ONE / EAT HEALTHY FATS coconut oil, avocado, omega 3s (the real deal or supplement form, aka fish oil), olive oil, nuts, butter, ghee….

TWO / SPICES – there are tons of anti-inflammatory spices, my favorite being turmeric. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, works best when combined with black pepper – bizarre, I know. You can add turmeric (and black pepper) to meals, or you can get a curcumin supplement. Check the ingredients to make sure it has peperine in it, which is the active ingredient in black pepper. A winning combo!

THREE / FIBER – eat more raw fruits and vegetable, or get a soluble fiber supplement.

FOUR / GREEN TEA – ok, good news matcha latte lovers. Keep it up.

FIVE / EAT YOUR GREENS – your Grandma was onto something. Eat lots of green vegetables…every day!

SIX / MAGNESIUM – people with high inflammation often have low magnesium levels. Try taking Natural Calm at night, a great supplement that will help you relax and sleep well, in addition to restoring magnesium levels.

SEVEN / SOY – drinking soy milk or eating tofu is surprisingly very anti-inflammatory, but make sure to buy organic, non GMO soy. 

EIGHT / EXERCISE – yet another reason to hit the gym. Not only does losing weight decrease stress in your body, but getting your heart rate up will also help lower inflammation.  

NINE / CHILL OUT – go to yoga, treat yourself to a massage, meditate…anything that makes you zen out and destress.

TEN / SLEEP – aim for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a night to make sure your body is adequately rested.

xx MIa