Take The RASA Challenge: 10 Reasons to Get Involved

Yes, you can eat all this on The RASA Challenge! 

Yes, you can eat all this on The RASA Challenge! 

Everyone is burnt out after the holidays, which is really no way to start something, much less set the tone for a new year of life. Travel, family, endless amounts of Christmas cookies and egg nog, that’s a lot to recover from. It’s like running a marathon with a massive hangover or trying to ride a bike with a flat tire. How are you supposed to do that?

No wonder so many of us have the same vague New Year’s resolution year after year. We’re freaking tired and afraid, too lazy or just unsure how to make the steps necessary for real change to occur.

Commitment is tough. Especially when there is no obligation to anyone but yourself. But this year, I’m asking you to be selfish; to say no to the things you truly don’t want to do; to stop saying “yeah, we should totally hang out”, when you know you never will; to commit yourself to a year of positive change.

The RASA Challenge is a 21 day whole foods program developed to clean up your body and your mind, change your relationship with food, curb cravings, create healthier habits and find a diet that suits your unique biological makeup and lifestyle.

Expect to feel awesome: lose unwanted weight, clear your skin, decrease stress, feel more energetic and productive. As a byproduct of all this, you will improve your relationships, your career, your confidence and so much more.

They say one person’s medicine is another’s poison, and this is SO true. We’re all different; we have different DNA, different upbringings and different daily routines. The key to optimal health is finding what works for you, not what works for someone else.

2016 has been weird and wonderful at the same time, but it’s almost over, so let’s start fresh. Enjoy your yule log and peppermint lattes, because January is a new year.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to get involved:

1. Clear Your Mind

Clean food, clean thoughts. It’s really as simple as that.

2. Declutter

Why does it feel so good to throw things out? The Challenge 21 days, which gives you enough time to throw out old magazines, clothes you haven’t worn in ages, clean out that drawer you put random stuff in...you know what I mean.

3. Set Goals

Give yourself some time to figure out what you really want and how to get it.

4. Eat With Intention

The first step in changing your relationship with food is thinking about what you eat.

5. Heal

The human body is capable of amazing things—give it some space to do just that.

6. Reduce Inflammation

This is a hot health topic these days, friends, and super important for long term health. If you not sure why, read about it here.

7. Look Better

Lose unwanted weight, clear your skin, slap a smile on that mug….

8. Get Your Mojo Back

Sometimes we just need to slow down before we can speed up again.

9. Learn About Your Body

We all are beautiful and unique beings. Take the time to learn what serves you and what really doesn’t.

10. Kick Ass

2017 is yours for the taking! Start off on the right foot—rested, energized, confident, focused. You got this.

Find more information or sign up here.

Xx Mia