5 Steps To Becoming A Morning Person

How To Channel Your Inner Early Bird

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For people who don’t like mornings – you know who you are – friends who boast about being early risers seem like mythical creatures from the Upside Down (Stranger Things fans, you feel me?). But, becoming a “morning person” is actually not as difficult as it seems. It’s simply a matter of habit.

An early start has many benefits, from increased productivity and getting ahead on your to-do list, to having more time to spend with loved ones before heading off to work and eliminating that stressful morning rush to the office. If you’re someone who’d like to add MP to your list of traits, try this:

1.     Eat a delicious breakfast: Whoever said breakfast was the most important meal of the day was spot on. Having a tasty breakfast to look forward to will help you get out of bed. An omelette, smoothie, buckwheat pancakes – whatever suits your fancy. And if that includes the smell of coffee brewing, go for it!

2.     Have something to “do”: Whether you like to work out, meditate, read the newspaper or call your mom, having a task you want to complete first thing will give you motivation to ditch the sheets a little earlier.

3.     Create a routine that you enjoy: Mornings are a special time to spend some quiet time alone or enjoy the company of loved ones before your day officially “begins”. In my house, we put on our comfiest robes, listen to music, cook breakfast, meditate (on a good day) and just hang. I used to rush off to the gym or a yoga class, but this relaxed time in the morning is now my favorite part of the day.

4.     Set a bedtime: It’s not rocket science – if you go to bed late, you will wake up late. Establish a lights out time, when you turn the TV off, wash you face and start to turn in. If you try to get to bed between 10 and 11pm, a 6-7am start is easy!

5.     Let it shine: There’s nothing better than waking up to natural light. Toss the black out blinds and let the sun wake you. If you need total darkness to fall asleep, try an eye mask.

xx Mia