6 Reasons To Start Weight Training Immediately

And No, Getting “Jacked” Is Not One Of Them

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I worked out for years—hard, and almost every day—but it seemed to make little or no significant difference to my shape. Hours spent on the treadmill and in down dog were certainly gratifying, energizing and healthy, but they weren’t giving me the toned arms and abs that motivated me to go in the first place.

They say that exercise is only 20% of the battle when it comes to weight loss, and that diet is the most important factor. But what you do at the gym (and how you do it) plays a big role not only in the shape of your body, but also your endurance, mobility, mental and physical strength, plus your ability to achieve and maintain your goal weight.

So aside from looking good in spandex, here are a few other benefits to grabbing a set of dumbbells:

Improves bone density.

Whether you're 16 or 60, having strong bones are a very good thing. Strength training prevents osteoporosis and will keep you more active as you age.

Burn fat.

You’ve heard this one before, but it deserves repeating. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body uses on a daily basis—this means more fat burning, in the gym and on the couch. 

Move better.

Weight training strengthens your connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, which improves motor control (the connection between your brain and your body). In fact, it will actually improve your other fitness activities—yoga, running, tennis, etc.—and helps to prevent injury.

Weight management.

Having more muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and helps regulate your blood sugar, making it easier for you to maintain weight loss—even after a Rice Krispy treat or two.

Improves your mood.   

Weight training literally lifts you up (sorry, I couldn’t help it). Not only do you get a rush of endorphins from the workout, but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a weight training session and the adrenalin will give you an added pep in your step.

The outfits.

No, you don't have to wear a leotard to do squats, but it makes it a bit more fun. 

Serious about making a change? The magic really happens when weight training is combined with proper nutrition. If you’re interested in learning more about nutrition coaching and getting a personalized meal plan, contact me to set up a free consultation.

xx Mia