“I thought I would give the RASA Challenge 21 days and move on but it took me by surprise. To me and my husband it's a lifestyle. Of course we go off and have our moments but after a weekend of dinners with friends or family one of us always says let's go back to RASA on Monday. Also, while on the Challenge, I always look forward to reading the daily posts for inspiration.” –BERNADETTE, SAN FRANCISCO


“I signed up for the RASA Challenge because I was ready for a re-charge after the holidays, but now I realize I was really ready for a lifestyle change. I have learned so much about what foods and what make me feel great. It’s a game changer!” –JEANNE, LOS ANGELES


“It worked wonders - I felt so much better, was a lot less puffy (noticeably so) and even lost a few pounds!” –KEELEY, NEW YORK


“The RASA Challenge is different from any other detoxes I've done. It wasn't only focused on losing weight, but also encouraging your mind, body and soul to once again feel balanced. I loved it. Eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet and following a meal plan that was well thought out and easy to follow helped boost my energy, skin, mood and made my overall body feel better. Mia was great to work with. She helped set me up for success and supported me along the way with a shopping list, guided meal plans and daily recipes + inspiration. I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone looking to FEEL good.” –AMANDA, LONDON


“Me? Change a habit? I never thought it could happen!!! But…what’s that expression…Soup to Nuts? I DID change and look forward, each morning, to using what I learned during the cleanse.” –LINDA, SAN FRANCISCO


“My fiancée and I started the RASA Challenge in hopes to get a clean, detoxifying start to the New Year. And boy did we! Our skin, our health and our bodies felt as if we had pushed the reset button. The food program is easy to follow and allows you to get creative. It also got us cooking together in the kitchen, which was a double bonus. I will definitely carry on the RASA Challenge throughout the year to keep my body on track.” –JULIE, SINGAPORE