Within three months of working with Mia, I had lost 14lbs, was getting amazing sleep, my acne cleared up, and I was generally much happier. The craziest thing was that I didn’t feel I was making any drastic sacrifices or lifestyle changes. I was able to live my life and enjoy the pleasures of being young in a vibrant city and still lose weight and feel healthy.

- Natalie, New York

Mia has completely transformed my life. Thanks to her deep understanding, thoughtfulness, ability to listen and keen insights, I have become a significantly happier and healthier me. I recommend working with Mia to anyone looking to make lasting, incredible change.

- Elizabeth, New York

I feel incredible! My 6 pack is back, my Pilates game is strong, I feel lighter, well rested and energized and honestly ready to make a serious lifestyle change. I am so much more in tune with my body and its reactivity to certain foods.

- Ryan, San Francisco

I cannot believe the difference in my skin and especially those bags under my eyes! Wow – thanks so much for everything. Love doing the RASA Challenge!

- Rebecca, Brooklyn

My skin is incredible, and so is my hair! I have lost weight, which is really good news, as I have hypothyroidism and have been unable to lose an ounce in three years!

- Rachelle, Paris

The RASA Challenge is the perfect complement to jumpstarting your wellness goals. The mental clarity and energy that’ll hit you in week 2 is ridiculous and you feel like you can take on anything.

- Carla, New York